Thursday, October 18, 2007

Adding to a Wiki

As part of the assignment for TLC 2.0, I added my blog and favorite book to the NSULibs wiki. I'll be honest that it took me a few seconds to figure out exactly how to edit and add content especially URLs to the actual page, but after that there's no doubt it is fairly easy to use and has some potential as a tool especially with subject guides or as a way to create free-flowing favorites "lists" for staff or patrons to be able to show their favorite books, databases, etc. I definitely think wikis provide a unique option to keep information up-to-date and free flowing among a variety of users, so that people can share their information with others quicker than ever before... although as I've mentioned before I'm still slightly leery of wikis on a large scale especially for information purposes when you might not be able to cite it properly because of the author's identity and credibility.

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