Sunday, October 7, 2007

Library and Flickr

After browsing around with Flickr and seeing some stuff that various people did, I think that it has some possibilities in terms helping libraries and patrons. Just as an example that I had mentioned in a previous post Flickr in many ways is somewhat like an interactive cataloging and storage tool and it could give libraries and even just regular people a way to share photographs. In a way Flickr is like a library where everyone can be a donor and you can even set your patronage through your groups. I can especially see Flickr being helpful to libraries who want to share images and photos with their patrons and vice versa. Meaning as an example, a library could use Flickr and mashups to perhaps share (and archive) images of the library itself or of its local community. Just as libraries are places to archive and store books and journals, why not images and use sites like Flickr to share them with the community? Plus, Flickr could be used in a mappr type fashion where one could take digital pictures around the library and then perhaps create an interactive map of the library for a website using photos... Those are just a few of my technological ramblings about Flickr anyway.

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