Tuesday, October 9, 2007

RSS Search Tools

Today, I fooled around with Feedster, Topix and Technorati to get an idea of what some of the RSS search tools are, that are out there. I felt that they are certainly decent enough and offer quick access to potential RSS feeds, however the clearity of the sites and their organization left a little bit to be desired. I tried searching broad and specific items like sports, disney and education and the results were a bit of everything. As far as I could tell on initial glance only Technorati offered any type of advanced search and the organization of the search results IMO anyway felt kind of scatter-shot. In terms of being a basic search tool for RSS, they are definately adequate. However, the results screens in the 3 tools I used could be better organized by showing how the results are being displayed and offer more specific searching functions. Just my two cents...

I also believed that sometimes you stumble upon the best discoveries, so I think that often you might find a feed you want just by browsing around the internet rather than specifically searching. It doesn't always work, but once and awhile you'll find a unique site.

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