Monday, October 15, 2007

Rolling with Rollyo

Today's adventure included exploring Rollyo and creating searchrolls. While, IMO the interface left something to be desired, the idea behind Rollyo is extremely useful. The ability to customize a search of web sites and search engines is always a good thing. The best example I could give is that of cable TV, imagine if you knew what stations you wanted and you could customize your subscription to just include those stations you wanted. It's similar to that with browsing search engines and sites. Customizing is always a good thing as it can eliminate unneccesary results and focus on places that are of interest to you and what you want. My example is a customized search focusing on film web sites and search engines to help people find movies and DVDs. Here is the URL for my searchroll created in Rollyo the link for the search is on the right side of the page entitled, "Film Sites". Enjoy.

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