Friday, October 12, 2007

The wonderful and glorious librarything

As someone who has been a volunteer cataloger before, I really enjoy librarything. Now, of course, I'm bias in more ways than one, but that being said the ease and potential usefulness of librarything is IMO anyway unmistakeable. One of the downsides of most catalogs is the lack of flexibility of subject headings and sites like librarything could potentially anyway open up a wide array of possibilities in terms of tagging items and descriptions and involving other librarians and even patrons in helping to identify ways to catalog, tag and describe books. Plus, librarything's most important aspect IMO is that it is a useful tool to get the public and book fans especially more involved in the world of books, libraries and cataloging. It allow anyone to not just catalog their own collections but to write book reviews, join groups and more. I definately think all libraries at least on a small level should look at librarything as a tool to possibly not only improve their own OPAC but as way to get the public more involved and excited about books, collections and the functionality of libraries and what we do. I also started cataloging a few of my books using LibraryThing. Here's a link to my collection: . On a side note, it appears I'm the only one on there right now anyway that has a 1866 copy of "The book of household pets". It is one of the funniest books I've ever looked at.

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