Monday, October 29, 2007

Podcasting and its relatives

My initial thought on podcasting is sometimes I have hard time distinguishing podcasting from webcasting. It is not so much the fact that I don't know the differences as there are several major differences including how the information is retrieved whether it is RSS or streaming and audio vs. visual, etc. However in my mind they are like brothers or relatives because of their capabilities of allowing audio or visual content to be shared and displayed regardless of whether it is through RSS, web streaming or whatever... it is simply they both offer similar ideas in that they provide a quick way to share information with others through audio (and sometimes in the case of webcasts especially visuals as well).

In terms of libraries, I think one of the things that podcasts offer is a way to communicate with other library professionals and offer training, tutorials and more both for colleagues and for our patrons as well potentially. Plus, since many of these podcasting sites offer search functions, it's pretty easy to find podcasts related to your subject area. For the purposes of the exercise discussed for us in TLC 2.0, I found the "Library Channel" by ASU was listed in several of the podcasting sites and listened to a couple of the podcasts (including one talking quite a bit about helping students with scholar articles) and added to the RSS to my account. The Library Channel RSS can be noticed here (Also, for future reference I noticed on the Yahoo! podcasting site that starting on Oct. 31 it looks like Yahoo's podcasting site will not be running any more, at least according to message displayed on their site.)

I think reviewing and looking into podcasts for me anyway, was very helpful especially in terms of understanding not only what they can offer but in seeing the differences between webcasts, audio blogs, podcasts, and alike.

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