Thursday, October 4, 2007

Flickr and mashups

Maybe it is a case of curosity killing the cat, but of the mashups that I was browsing, the one that really sounded most interesting to me anyway was the one I could not seem to get into today. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed some of the ones I found like the Flickr Toys (aka. was quite a bit of fun with lots of interactive games and choices. However the site I couldn't get to: sounded almost as fascinating as any of them. Perhaps the site was down or something when I tried to view it, but the concept sounded fascinating of matching images with location thanks in large part to Flickr and its users. I did some online searching about mappr and the concept itself sounds both exciting and useful. (Plus, I'll be sure to check back at the site to see some further examples.) From the descriptions, that type of mashup in my mind though appeals to both the librarian nature of cataloging materials but adds an interactive twist. If pictures can be connected to a spot on the map, why not scale the map down? Just as an example you could do a map of a library (or city) or even of locations throughout the library and have images matched up through a mappr-like mashup. So people could use the application to in way view a library or even library locations and materials from their home computer or where ever. Just my two cents anyway.

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